John Esposito

VOTE for Your Choice for CRS 2019 Supreme and Exalted Leader

Meet John Esposito

Chairman/CEO, Warner Music Nashville

Extra Unit Embargo: I will restrict the programming involvement of radio station sales managers, up to and including the addition of “extra” units.

“No Time for Call Time” Pledge: I will advocate for the unilateral ban on all call times on days that end in Y.

Research Resolution: I will introduce a bill to fund local research for all radio stations in America on a weekly basis, with a stipulation that establishes Kristen Williams as Research Czar.


Help me help YOU! That’s my first priority as your future CRS Supreme and Exalted Leader: you, country radio professionals at home and abroad. I’ve crafted my platform to focus on the issues that I know matter most. Have you waged the continual war between radio station sales managers and programmers? I’m on it with my Extra Unit Embargo, which will restrict nearly all ad time including but not limited to the addition of “extra” units. Have you experienced the constant plague of the ringing phone? I’m addressing it with my “No Time for Call Time” Pledge by advocating for a unilateral ban on all call times. Have you lamented the lack of funding for local research? I’m fighting it with the implementation of my Research Resolution, a bill that will fund weekly research for all radio stations in America under the purview of my trusted research czar, Kristen Williams.

Let me be the first to welcome you to my page: my name is John Esposito, and I am the Chairman & CEO of Warner Music Nashville. My current role leading one of the most innovative and, frankly, most badass record labels in

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all of country music positions me perfectly to assume the title of CRS Supreme and Exalted Leader. I oversee the Warner Bros. and Atlantic Nashville rosters, including icons Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney in addition to rising superstars like Brett Eldredge, Cole Swindell and Dan + Shay – not to mention skyrocketing up-and-comers such as Ashley McBryde, Chris Janson, Devin Dawson and Morgan Evans. Prior to my arrival in Nashville I served as President and CEO of WEA Corp., WMG’s sales and marketing division, while also overseeing Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) and Independent Label Group (ILG). Sure, that’s a lot of initials – which just means I know how keep things short and sweet! So here goes:

Over the years we have strategically introduced many of the above artists (and others) to radio with much success. I don’t want to brag but…wait, I do want to brag! WMN artists have amassed 76 weeks at No. 1 with 52 chart-topping singles since my arrival in 2009. And despite the success, I’ve got to admit that, throughout all that time, my promo guys and gals have been… as much a pain to me as they have been to all of you! So when I take on critical issues like the Extra Unit Embargo or “No Time for Call Time” Pledge, you can count on me to work alongside the CRS Board to watch out for the radio community above all.

My opponent, however, clearly wants the title for himself. He is a radical escapist who cares more about outer space than the good ole country music we have right here on Earth. The only alien idea I have is that all of our country radio professionals deserve better! And another point – my campaign, unlike my opponent’s, doesn’t take a dime from the powerful boot lobbyists or special interest groups. Together we are going to take on issues such as the programming injustice surrounding “extra” units and inadequate access to local research, while simultaneously ushering us into an age without call times.

As your Supreme and Exalted Leader, I promise to carry my commitment with me everywhere I go – including backstage, in the studio and, yes, on the corporate jet (if only we had one… but I’ll keep getting on artists’ managers’ jets as long as they’ll have me!). A vote for me is a vote for a new era of leadership that will take on the divisive politics of country radio with assurance, fortitude and a volume of profanity that could only come from me.


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