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Meet Johnny Chiang

Director of Operations, Cox Media Group

A Vote for Chiang is a Vote for Change!

Comfortable Boots for All: I will usher in a new era of boots. Everyone deserves comfortable boots.

Country Without Borders: I will work with SpaceX program and captains of industry to launch a country star in space.

Freedom of Artist Access: I will demand Labels give the people more Meet & Greets with Artists


There’s more work to be done to extend the full promise of CRS to every Country Radio Professional across the globe…and beyond. I have served with pride on the CRS Board for a number of years and I take great pride in promoting Country Music all over the world. Obviously, this makes me the perfect Supreme and Exalted Leader. From my first day as his first day as Supreme and Exalted Leader, I will stand up for you and the Freedom of Artist Access – for more Meet and Greets!  It’s clear that my opponent has plenty of “campaign issues” to talk about. But there is none more important than spreading the freedom of Country and comfortable boots for all. Join my movement – fighting for Country Music without Borders, I will harness the power artists and fans to take Country Music beyond the simple reaches of our planet.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my page. My name is Johnny Chiang and I want your vote for the 2019 CRS Supreme and Exalted Leader!  I will bring in a new order of strong but, self-admittedly, not entirely stable leadership. I am a broadcast radio Director of Operations with over 25 years major market experience with brand management and content production. I’ve worked various formats: Adult Contemporary, Adult Hits, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Classic Country, and News Talk. With numerous awards under my belt, I am nationally recognized for my ability optimize a radio station and ensure it’s positioned for success not only with listeners – but also with advertisers.

I do not seek this role for myself. I seek it for those who proudly wear their boots and who can line dance with the best of them! I want comfortable boots for all! And another thing, I seek this role so that we can uncover the truth – the truth the CRS Board has been hiding for years. As the elected Supreme and Exalted Leader, I will use my authority and power to uncover the facts related to my abduction in 2018. I have obtained evidence that I (and possibly others) was abducted by Garth Brooks and guys from Midland who then hypnotized me to play more of their songs. More to come on this, I assure you!

As for my opponent, he will use his power to subvert the need for more cowbell in country music. That’s right – cowbell! He is also a slave to the Plastic Picks Lobbyists – a very powerful, behind the scenes organization that is ripping at the very fabric of country music scene. They don’t care about who gets hurt, just as long as there are more guitar players – and plastic picks – on stage. And his stance on “B-Ban” should make every country music fan afraid – very afraid! I think it’s all part of some grand conspiracy to get more spins out of his consortium of music label friends!

I am a purist! And an innovator! As the purveyor of music, content and voice talent for three of top-performing Houston radio products, I carry the colossal task of making sure we’ve got as many Houstonians tuning in to our stations as possible. My skillsets not only make me one-of-a-kind but also to be the 2019 CRS Supreme and Exalted Leader.


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